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Help Protect Your Family’s Financial Future

Consumers who purchase a vehicle want to experience reliability, comfort, and convenience. We provide Vehicle Service Contracts for new and used vehicles and emphasize the benefits of the purchase by eliminating the worry of potential repair costs or inconveniences.

Select VSC | Our innovative Select VSC programs offers levels of coverage with the options for EV Battery Coverage and much more.

5 Star | Our top comprehensive exclusionary coverage provides ultimate protection for virtually every component and part in the vehicle.

4 Star | Our top comprehensive stated coverage protects the majority of assemblies in the vehicle.

3 Star | Our most affordable program to offer you coverage against costly repairs.

Star Program | Essential coverage programs designed to protect individual components in the vehicle.

5 Star Wrap | Our supplemental wrap program covers you when the manufactuer’s warranty leaves off, providing a complete solutions.

Mileage Select | Affordable protection against costly repairs for older vehicles up to 15 model years back and up to 175,000 miles.

Quality Plus Certified & Quality Plus Cool | Assurance that your vehicle has been inspected and certified to work properly and coverage to protect again unanticipated powertrain breakdowns and related repair costs.

The Customer Support Team Is Here For You

We value you as a customer and are eager to help you with any questions you may have. We have included a link to help you file a claim and give you answers to the most common customer service questions. If a mechanical breakdown occurs, rest assured that our trained professionals will handle your Vehicle Service Contract claim for you.

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