Protecting You Down the Road

The Select GPS & Theft Program serves as both a deterrent to potential thieves and a source of reassurance through its real-time monitoring and recovery capabilities. By incorporating our Theft benefit, you gain comprehensive security in the unfortunate event of your vehicle being lost or stolen. Rest easy, knowing that our program is designed to safeguard your valuable asset, offering peace of mind and reliable protection.

Select GPS & Theft

The best the industry offers in GPS Vehicle Management with the added power of the Select Theft Benefit.

• GPS stolen vehicle recovery
• 24/7 response center
• Nationwide coverage
• Built-in back-up battery
• Theft protection guarantee*
• Transferable & upgradeable
• Insurance discount*
• Terms – 6, 36, or 60 months
• Up to $10,000 vehicle protection expense*
• Partial loss benefit of $1,000 included

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