Vehicle Service Contracts

Our Vehicle Service Contract programs for new and used vehicles emphasize benefits of the purchase and the investment made in the vehicle and eliminate the worry of potential repair costs or inconveniences. We cover everything from standard maintenance to mechanical failures, roadside service to rental reimbursement, and personal use to commercial use. We have an extensive portfolio to choose from, with backing from top rated carriers. Our programs meet almost every need, including comprehensive exclusionary and stated component coverage options.

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We offer agency services to dealerships, providing complete solutions that drive performance. We offer Vehicle Service Contracts that cover anything from standard maintenance to mechanical failures, and roadside service to rental reimbursement.

We are a leading Finance and Insurance provider to the Canadian automotive industry, offering a complete performance solution for dealers, dealer groups and original equipment manufacturers. We provide flexible options for customized Vehicle Service Contracts supported by results driven training and development.

For nearly 40 years, our highly experienced team has been providing a breadth of flexible choices for Vehicle Service Contracts, covering new and pre-owned cars, from comprehensive exclusionary to stated component coverage options, with added protection and comfort.

We provide Vehicle Service Contracts that are flexible, dependable, and affordable. We have a complete range of options in coverage plan, length of coverage, miles of coverage and deductible, including add on options to enhance coverage experience and satisfaction.

Offering a range of options for new or pre-owned vehicles, our Vehicle Service Contracts provide stated coverage, exclusionary and wrap plans for both franchised and independent dealerships, with options for commercial use, rental benefit, emergency roadside assistance and more.

Serving agents, dealers and drivers in the United States since 1997, AAGI is an industry leader in developing, marketing and administering vehicle service contracts with competitive pricing, a broad spectrum of coverage, and terms unique to the industry.

We are a strategic partner to large automotive dealer groups, providing guaranteed revenue growth through accountability, coaching, and marketing with a proven team of coaches. We offer Vehicle Service Contract solutions with wrap plans available for most manufacturers with extended Powertrain warranties.

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